White Paper – A Guide to LifeBooster Senz™ Ergonomic Risk Scoring

by Jessica Zendler

The LifeBooster Senz analytics platform applies a building block approach to assessing ergonomic risk exposure. It utilizes data recordings, risk modules, risk assessments and risk events to produce a risk score.


Data Recording

Data recording occurs when a worker wears Senz sensors for a continuous work period, up to 14 consecutive hours. Recording begins when the sensors are removed from the charging cradle (dock) and continues until they are returned to the cradle at the end of the day or assessment period. Senz sensors are multi-functional, so they can be used for any type of risk evaluation. Senz sensors are able to assess upper body motion, posture, experienced thermal conditions (heat stress risk) and hand-arm vibration simultaneously. Senz wearable sensors, which are designed and manufactured by LifeBooster, are ruggedized to survive industrial environments.