Take Comfort in Our Commitment to Safety Excellence

GORE-TEX Labs and LifeBooster introduce connected workwear that takes the assessment of injury risk and worker protection to a new level of form, function and value.

“W.L. Gore & Associates cares about worker safety. Our knowledge of electronics, material science and physiology can help to deliver a smart apparel solution to improve safety. We needed a data partner and LifeBooster was the clear winner, their analytics and reporting system is the best in the industry. LifeBooster means what they say and say what they mean, which aligns with Gore’s approach to business.”

David Dillon – Business Lead, Gore Smart Apparel

Trusted Performance Apparel Meets Advanced Risk Analytics

By pairing GORE’s trusted performance apparel with LifeBooster Senz™ advanced risk analytics, employers now have a best-inclass solution that makes enterprise scale risk assessment and injury prevention a reality.

"An Absolute No-Brainer"-Transportation Safety Executive

80% of workers in field trials preferred high-performance shirts to straps or harnesses.

  1. Performance Fabric
    • Two-way stretch 4.1 oz polyamide/elastane blend
    • Moisture wicking & fast drying
    • Extremely breathable
    • Antimicrobial treatment
    • UV protection
    • Pilling resistant
  2. 5 sensor pockets
    • 4 on arms, 1 on back
    • Securely and comfortably hold LifeBooster sensors
  3. Shorter Sleeve Length
    • Perfect sleeve length for freedom of movement
  4. HIP SLIDE Slits
    • Fits range of sizes

LifeBooster Senz™ Wearable Sensors

Incredibly small, lightweight, reliable and durable wearable sensors that can go almost anywhere.


Make your safety journey the best it’s ever been. Receive individualized safety performance progress reports.



Automate risk assessments and use time and resources efficiently. Access essential data to meet compliance, safety program development and employee training requirements.



Improve situational awareness, lower direct injury costs, and reduce operational disruption in your business. Accelerate digitization efforts while improving overall job performance and satisfaction.