6 Guiding Principles

  • The root causes of worker health and safety risks are often revealed to be different than what is presumed
  • Better data and analysis quality yields better safety outcomes
  • Safety is personal so messaging and instruction needs to be too
  • Wearable projects are about data not devices – wearable sensors are simply a means to an end
  • Success improves with transparent communication across an organization
  • Collaboration – technology and services working together – delivers the best results

Relationship Models

LifeBooster, like all service-minded companies, places an importance on relationships. Unlike other companies, LifeBooster is able to adapt to the needs of our customers and partners. Importantly, the types of relationships we support can flex from time to time to meet a specific requirement.


We license access to Senz™ to customers for their own use or to partners in fulfillment of a project at a customer site.


We work together with a partner at a customer site to meet project objectives.


We connect customers needing specialized services to partners who provide them, and we accept references to customers needing a connected worker solution.


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