Analytic Dashboards

Senz digitizes, automates and scales proven industry standards that EHSQ professionals rely on for accurate risk assessment and injury prevention. High-quality analyses construct narratives that deliver unique insights into worker experiences to ensure their performance, health and wellness while on the job.

Motion Assessment

Confidence comes from multipoint sensing geometry and knowing your decisions are based on outstanding data quality. LifeBooster motion assessments deepen your view and understanding of risks in the moment and over time. Quickly answer the questions you need answered about factors contributing to repetitive strain injuries.

Thermal Assessment

Workers experience temperature differently. LifeBooster digitizes and scales the ACGIH standard for a dynamic measurement of heat stress risk. ThermalSenz™ analyzes temperature as experienced by workers at the skin, including accounting for work/rest cycles, resulting in a personalized analysis of thermal risk.

Chart Maker

Streamline the creation of custom charts in a matter of seconds. Chart Maker functions makes it easy to view risks and trends through multiple lenses including individual worker, job task, job type, location and more.

Simultaneous Assessments


  • Repetitive strain
  • Multi-joint analysis
  • Cumulative analysis of variable work patterns


  • Body ambient temperature
  • Work/rest cycles
  • Humidity measurement


  • Task-focused analysis
  • Sustained awkward postures
  • Exoskeleton validation


  • Hand/arm
  • Exposure values
  • Cumulative measurement

Wearable Sensors

LifeBooster has overcome IMU magnetic interference resulting in consistently high-quality data.


Our newest Gateway sensors are the most advanced devices available anywhere in terms of where and how they can be deployed, the total simultaneous measurements achieved, and the precision with which they can detect injury risks.

Intrinsically Safe

LifeBooster is the first to introduce intrinsically safe wearable sensors capable of continuous ergonomic assessments for environments that require them such as in the natural resource, energy and chemical industries.

Temperature-20 to 50 C-5 to 120 F
Battery (single charge)14 Hours14 Hours
Weight30 Grams1 Ounce
Size44 x 47 x 15 mm1.7 x 1.8 x 0.5 Inches

Simplified Architectural View of Senz Platform

A state-of-the-art microservices architecture translates into a flexible collection of risk-mitigating features meant to advance workplace safety for a new generation of practitioners committed to keeping workers safe and on the job.