Telemetric SafetyTM Made Easy.

Telemetry is the science of remote collection, transmission and analysis of data. LifeBooster brings telemetric methodologies to safety. Ensuring that every worker gets home safe is the commitment we make with you.

Telemetric safety provides the ability to:

  • Use valuable time and resources to maximum effect
  • Personalize interventions in real-time
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Ease time management challenges
  • Deliver results continuously

LifeBooster’s Senz™ platform helped automate our ergonomic assessments. By adopting Senz, I was able to solve truly difficult challenges we face in our business, including: identifying risk, monitoring the effectiveness of intervention services, and resolving complexity.

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How It Works

LifeBooster has achieved important milestones in safety technology product and service design. Auto-calibration, high-speed processing of raw sensor data, and accessibility to analyses are delivered from anywhere at any time.


Equip workers with sensors to collect data



Upload data for individual, group, task analysis



Train, plan, intervene to reduce risk and prevent injuries

Use Case Examples

Learn how others have deployed and benefitted from the insights Senz advanced risk analytics can deliver.

Higher Value Outcomes

LifeBooster delivers higher value outcomes to our clients that others can’t match. Higher value outcomes are a result of technological innovation, a diligence to look beyond the obvious and a focus on problem solving that makes the extraordinary possible.

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Frequency of Use

Product DevelopmentUse risk data to develop better tools that reduce safety risks and improve the work experience

Predictive ModelingPredict outcomes with confidence using comprehensive, high-quality risk analyses

Best PracticesReassess work processes to optimize for job performance and safety integrity

Business OptimizationOverlay Senz risk analysis and other enterprise system data for better operational foresight

Scope of Impact arrow

Self-Service Subscription

LifeBooster’s all-inclusive annual subscription makes our market-leading innovations affordable. Senz™ provides data-driven insights making early intervention possible virtually eliminating workplace injuries.

  • Unlimited use of sensors and access to analytics software
  • All-in-one ergonomic risk assessments
    • Motion
    • Thermal
    • Posture/Task
    • Vibration
  • Program Playbook including suite of virtualized services

Managed Service

LifeBooster aligns with customers around shared objectives to achieve long-term success. Implementing a first project or series of projects directly with us or one of our service partners is a great way to come up to speed with wearable technology.

  • LifeBooster engineer onsite to conduct assessments
  • Collaborative project scoping, goal setting and success criteria
  • Variable project length from 1-12 weeks