MSI is the last frontier of our safety journey. LifeBooster is our guide.

Nick Reiach – VP, Operations – Great Little Box Company

Continual Virtual Presence

LifeBooster Senz™ let’s you manage ergonomic and environmental risks of a global workforce from anywhere using any connected device.

Industry professionals rely on LifeBooster’s lightweight wearable sensors and cloud analytics platform to quantify, identify and respond to ergonomic and environmental risks before it results in injury.


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Safety Journey

LifeBooster Senz technology delivers an ROI from Day 1. Our worker-friendly, multipoint sensing system pinpoints where risk is “hiding” so that preemptive action by your EHSQ team is effective. From new hires to veteran workers, Senz provides insights into injury risk potential across an employee’s entire safety journey.

They’ve always been essential workers to us.