Webinar – Adopting Technology to Build Confidence in Your Ergonomics Program & Practices

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM EST
Length: 30-min presentation, 15-min Q&A

Join us to learn how you can leverage innovative health and safety technology to: 

  • Elevate and standardize your current ergonomics program 
  • Shift your focus to proactive mitigation of ergonomic risk factors 
  • Reduce high costs and operational burdens that MSDs place on your organization 

Our goal is to ensure that your workers get home safely each and every day!

In this webinar the LifeBooster team will provide a comprehensive overview of our SENZ™ Risk Analytics Platform, enabled through our best-in-class Multi-Point Wearables & Smart Apparel and dedicated Customer Success Program. We will review the key practical challenges that impair organizations from implementing effective ergonomics programs and discuss how we can help you implement a standardized risk assessment process to automate & digitize data collection and analysis that leads to long-term sustainable risk reduction and injury prevention.

This session will cover:

The Problems We Solve
Did you know US companies spend $US 50 billion on direct MSD Injury Costsand One Strain Injury Claim on Average Costs ~US$ 67,0002? What’s worse is the lack of visibility into where and why makes reducing these costs extremely difficult. These problems not only impact operational efficiencies but ultimately result in employees’ lost wages, long-term injuries, mental health issues, opioid addictions, and more… rippling out far beyond the mission, vision, and values of your organization.

The LifeBooster Advantage
Learn why a multi-point sensor approach is the next evolution in health and safety technology, how you can assess your workforce at scale and from anywhere in the world, gain insights across all jobs and tasks, and learn where the immediate risk reduction opportunities are across all locations.

Customer Experience
Learn how your peers and our customers have leveraged SENZ, and how we provide support through every step to ensure your program is a success from day one.

Give Your Ergonomics Program the Boost it Needs!
We will share proven case studies from a variety of industries that highlight the value derived from LifeBooster, demonstrating how SENZ allows health & safety professionals to proactively manage risk and reduce workplace injuries and claims.
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2Source: https://www.osha.gov/safetypays/estimator

BryanStatham, Feature Headshot

Bryan Statham
CEO & Co-Founder,
LifeBooster, Inc.

Bryan has been dedicated to improving the lives of people globally. He has focused on issues of health, safety and wellness for nearly 20 years; first as the organizer of Best Buddies, an international service that matches university students with adults with disabilities to foster a supportive community, then as an international paramedical volunteer supervising frontline teams advancing the cause of community health in the EU and across Asia Pacific, then as an operational leader overseeing health and safety within warehousing and hospitality industries, and later as the co-founder of LifeBooster in 2012. Bryan ascended to the CEO post in 2016, guiding the growth and reorientation of LifeBooster from corporate wellness to digital health and safety. Today, LifeBooster is a market leading data analytics company serving intermediate to large enterprise customers across all sectors of the industrial economy on a mission to ensure every worker gets home safe, every day.

Bryan’s scholastic career includes study at the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. Bryan holds a BSc. in Human Biology, including emphases in Medical Anthropology and Biochemistry. Bryan takes pride in his emerging talent as a craft distiller, while living in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

WillThomas, Feature Headshot

Will Thomas, MSc
Lead Ergonomist & Program Lead,
LifeBooster, Inc.

William Thomas, MSc, is the Lead Ergonomist and Program Lead for LifeBooster. Prior to joining LifeBooster, Will worked at PepsiCo as the Ergonomics Program Manager for the EHS Center of Excellence team. In this role, he led the strategic planning, program development, and field execution of ergonomics for the Pepsi Beverages and Frito-Lay North America business units. Will also has extensive experience designing and deploying wearable technology programs and operationalizing ergonomic risk analytics within large organizations.