Mitigating Heat Stress Risk with LifeBooster’s Senz™ Platform


As record-breaking temperatures become more frequent, workplace heat stress is emerging as a critical concern for organizations worldwide. Recent reports suggest that this year will be no exception, with numerous regions expected to experience unprecedented heatwaves. In the face of these alarming trends, it’s crucial for companies to rethink their approach to heat stress risk mitigation and explore innovative solutions that provide more accurate, granular data to protect their workers. LifeBooster’s Senz™ platform offers a compelling answer to this challenge, delivering data-driven insights at scale to help organizations address heat stress risks effectively.

The Limits of Traditional Heat Stress Measurement

Current methods for assessing heat stress risk often rely on wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) measurements. Although this approach has been the standard for years, it has several limitations when it comes to accurately identifying and mitigating heat stress risks. For example, WBGT does not account for the variation in individual worker heat tolerance, work intensity, or clothing, which can all significantly impact heat stress risk.

Moreover, relying solely on WBGT measurements may fail to capture the granular data necessary for implementing effective, targeted interventions. As a result, organizations may struggle to develop comprehensive heat stress mitigation strategies that address the unique needs of their workforce and protect workers from the dangers of extreme heat.

LifeBooster’s Innovative Approach: Senz™ Platform

LifeBooster’s Senz™ platform offers a groundbreaking solution to these challenges. By leveraging advanced sensor technology, the platform captures real-time, granular data on worker heat stress exposure. This data-driven approach allows organizations to better understand the specific factors contributing to heat stress risks and develop targeted, evidence-based interventions.

Equally important is the platform’s ability to deliver assessments at scale. Senz™ enables safety professionals to assess their workers without needing to also put themselves at risk by digitizing a highly manual effort. Safety professionals have the visibility at scale to visualize risks across their workforce at the same time. Temperature and humidity change throughout the day and a single safety professional can only do one person at the time so they may miss the period that was high risk for a certain individual or team. Senz™ now gives them the type of information they need to make impactful decisions towards their risk mitigation strategies.

Key benefits of the Senz™ platform include:

Comprehensive Data Collection: The platform’s multi-point sensor technology captures a wide range of factors impacting heat stress risk, including body ambient temperature, humidity, workload and work rest cycles and environmental conditions. With this data we can assess workers at scale and determine the potential for heat stress based on the temperature and humidity the individual is experiencing and the type of work they are conducting. We digitize the ACGIH Heat Stress TLV standard and apply it to a large population of workers providing a more accurate assessment at scale. This detailed data enables organizations to create a holistic view of their workers’ heat stress exposure.

Individualized Risk Assessments: By accounting for worker-specific factors such as individual workload and its impact, the Senz™ platform can generate individualized heat stress risk assessments. This personalized approach ensures that interventions are tailored to each worker’s unique needs, enhancing their effectiveness in mitigating heat stress risks.

Scalable Solution: LifeBooster’s Senz™ platform is designed to support organizations of all sizes, making it a versatile solution for companies looking to scale their heat stress mitigation efforts.

Continuous Improvement: The platform’s real-time data collection and analytics capabilities enable organizations to monitor the effectiveness of their interventions, adjust strategies as needed, and drive continuous improvement in their heat stress risk mitigation efforts.


As global temperatures continue to rise, organizations must prioritize heat stress risk mitigation to protect their workers and ensure operational continuity. LifeBooster’s Senz™ platform offers a cutting-edge solution, delivering granular, data-driven insights at scale to help companies tackle the growing challenge of heat stress effectively. By adopting innovative technologies like Senz™, organizations can stay ahead of the curve and safeguard the well-being of their workforce, even in the face of record-breaking temperatures.

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