LifeBooster Joins the NSC’s MSD Solutions Lab Advisory Council


Sharing a common interest of eliminating preventable injuries from the workplace, LifeBooster is excited to announce that our CEO & Co-Founder, Bryan Statham, has been invited to join the MSD Solutions Lab Advisory Council to provide his perspective and expertise on the reduction and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) through technologically-driven solutions.

“No one company is able to solve the enormous challenge of workplace injuries alone. This is why I am honored and excited to join the NSC’s MSD Solutions Lab Advisory Council. Working alongside a team of dedicated safety leaders who together will be advancing the research and pushing the boundaries of traditional ergonomics, we will innovate on new strategies and solutions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace and ensure workers return home safely to their families every day.”

Bryan Statham, CEO & Co-Founder of LifeBooster

Impacting nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide, musculoskeletal disorders, or ergonomic injuries, are the most common injury in the workplace. With MSDs being one of the most significant risks that workers have to face, the National Safety Council (NSC), America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, has formed the MSD Solutions Lab to tackle the challenge MSDs place on occupational health and safety.

About the MSD Solutions Lab Advisory Council

The MSD Solutions Lab is a strategic initiative dedicated to addressing the issue of MSDs by engaging key stakeholders, conducting research, identifying new technology, innovating solutions, and scaling the results to ensure the safety of workers across all workplaces.

To inform the work of the MSD Solutions Lab, the program gathered a group of experts in ergonomics, health, safety, and innovation to form an Advisory Council that will support the program in the following ways:

• Assist in practice, guidance and research efforts by providing expertise, insight, resources and access to networks that may enrich the body of knowledge.
• Activate the program’s work through participation, insight and philanthropic support, including judging of innovation challenges and hackathons as well as grant applications.
• Amplify the program’s influence and voice, including communication, advocacy, positioning and policy efforts.

About the MSD Solutions Pledge

In addition to joining the MSD Solutions Lab Advisory Council, LifeBooster has taken the MSD Pledge where more than 80 companies have joined the industry-wide call to action for organizations to prioritize MSD risk and injury prevention.

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