2023 NSC Safety Congress & Expo

Oct 23-25 | Booth #3739 | New Orleans

Meet our team at this year’s NSC Safety Congress & Expo, and learn how LifeBooster’s SENZTM Risk Analytics Platform and Multi-Point Sensors can help you reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and increase the resources available to your health and safety teams.

LifeBooster is a semi-finalist in NSC’s Safety Innovation Challenge, which identifies MSD concerns challenging organizations and sources emerging technology solutions. LifeBooster is the sole solution that solves for all three identified hazards at the Safety Innovation Challenge; hand-arm vibration, overhead work, and repetitive motion. Beyond that, our Multi-Point Sensors are able to support health and safety teams in understanding risks associated with heat stress and upper body MSDs.

Stop by booth #3739 and ask us how we can lower your MSD risks and achieve 83% in efficiency gains. 

NSC Safety Innovation Challenge


Tuesday, Oct 24 | 10:45 am | Safety Technology Pavilion

LifeBooster is revolutionizing workplace safety with their advanced multi-point sensor system and Senz™, a cutting-edge data analysis platform. Together, they empower Health and Safety teams to prioritize and deploy effective preventative measures against musculoskeletal disorders, hand-arm vibration and heat stress, ensuring workers get home safely every day.

Our multi-point wearables collect accurate, dynamic data for ergonomics, hand-arm vibration, and heat stress. By offering all-in-one assessments, LifeBooster maximizes efficiency, reducing the need for multiple assessments or technologies.

Wearable sensors are small, lightweight, and easy to deploy. Your workers are able to start and conduct their own assessments without the need for an assessor to be with them or even onsite, thereby reducing the operational burden of conducting assessments while providing you with reliable data by eliminating the intrusiveness and bias of direct work observation.

Not only does LifeBooster enable organizations to gather more data with less effort, our advanced analytics platform, Senz™, allows you to seamlessly aggregate and compare risks throughout your organization. Use our custom charting to gain a thorough baseline understanding of the risks your workers face and validate the impact of your risk mitigation efforts to ensure you are focused and delivering the most impactful programs for injury prevention.

Join us at the Safety Technology Pavilion, where you can get a hands-on demonstration of our technology and how we can help ensure your workers get home safely every day.


Bryan Statham

CEO, Co-Founder


Lawrence Chee

CTO, Co-Founder


Sunil Murray

VP, Revenue


Paige Van Horn

Senior Account Executive


William Thomas

Lead Ergonomist & Program Manager


Stephanie Au

Head of Operations


Rob Williams

Sales Engineer


Michael Kostiw-Schvester