National Ergonomics Conference 2023

Nov 8-10 | Booth #413 | Las Vegas

Join us at this year’s National Ergonomics Conference to learn how LifeBooster’s SENZTM Risk Analytics Platform and Multi-Point Wearables can complement and accelerate your ergonomics risk management and reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), hand-arm vibration, and heat stress while increasing the resources available to your health and safety teams.

There will be two opportunities to hear from our Lead Ergonomist and Program Manager, Will Thomas. The first, a joint presentation with Kristin Mohs of PepsiCo, where they will discuss how implementing a risk analytics platform and multi-purpose wearables system enable a shift in focus to implementing, assessing, and validating a variety of risk controls to fail fast, so that you can succeed sooner.
Get more in-depth information at Will’s next presentation at the Innovation Hub Theater on Thursday, Nov 9 at 1pm. We will showcase how the LifeBooster SenzTM platform works and highlight how you can use SenzTM risk insights to inform important ergonomics risk management decisions and drive towards proactive risk mitigation.

Fill in the form to your right, or drop by booth #413 and ask us how we can support your ergonomic programs and help get your workers home safely every day.

Fail Fast: Utilizing Tech to Accelerate Ergonomic Risk Management

Thursday, Nov 9| 10:20 am | Summit Ballroom 212-215

Sustaining your risk management process for ergonomics is challenging and relies on intensive work to collect & analyze data on ergonomic risk factors, assess risk & prioritize intervention, and implement & validate risk controls.

In this presentation we explore how you can implement a risk analytics platform coupled with a multi-point wearables system to accelerate your risk management process by reducing the time and resource burden to collect data & assess risk, thus enabling a shift in focus to implementing, assessing, and validating a variety of risk controls to Fail Fast, so that you can succeed sooner! Being able to leverage technology to conduct quick & easy comparative analysis on different risk controls enables you to accelerate the risk management process to quantify what does and doesn’t work and pinpoint the most effective controls in a shorter time frame with less resource commitments.

In this presentation we will hear firsthand accounts of how PepsiCo has implemented multi-point wearables to enable their risk management process and shift focus to implementing, testing, and validating risk controls. We will also learn key considerations that organizations should make to help enable this process and support the digital transformation process. Interested in learning how you can fail fast to filter out the most effective risk mitigation strategies, join our session to learn more!


Sunil Murray

VP, Revenue


Paige Van Horn

Senior Account Executive


Will Thomas

Lead Ergonomist and Program Manager