LifeBooster Extends Health and Safety Platform with Heat Stress Risk Module

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ThermalSenz™ Enhances the ACGIH Standard to Identify Heat Stress in the Workplace


Vancouver, BC – LifeBooster, Inc. a leading wearable technology and data analytics company focused on industrial workforce injury prediction and prevention, today announced the availability of a new risk module on its Senz™ health and safety platform. The new risk module, ThermalSenz, detects worker exposure to elevated heat related risks in indoor and outdoor environments. ThermalSenz patent-pending risk calculation extends the ability of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) standard to detect thermal stress as Body Ambient Temperature™ relative to work load and work/rest cycles. LifeBooster’s Body Ambient Temperature is a new measure of heat stress across multiple points on the body expressed as an aggregate value.  All LifeBooster risk modules use the same set of wearable sensors, no additional equipment is needed. With ThermalSenz, health and safety teams now have an added incentive to subscribe to the Senz platform. ThermalSenz complements LifeBooster’s well-known musculoskeletal disorder risk module, ErgoSenz™, and enables them to continue to distinguish the company as uniquely able to redefine the enterprise health and safety market.


Thousands of workers suffer from heat-related illnesses every year. Fatalities from heat stress on the job do occur and, regrettably, incidences of both illnesses and fatalities have risen in recent years. Industries that are most affected by heat-related stress include utilities, aviation, logistics, manufacturing, construction, energy, agriculture and natural resources to name a few. ThermalSenz will be a ready solution for health and safety professionals to remotely monitor heat-induced stress across an entire workforce on a daily basis.


In speaking about the importance of ThermalSenz, LifeBooster Co-founder and CEO, Bryan Statham said, “Our mission is to ensure workers get home safe every day. Now, enterprise health and safety teams supporting workers at risk of heat-related illnesses have a tool to quickly pinpoint at risk workers and react to these cases before illnesses or fatalities occur. Additionally, ThermalSenz demonstrates the extensibility of our Senz platform as well as the strength of our company’s innovation mindset.”



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