ErgoSenz featured as Extraordinary Workwear by the IFAI

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The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI), publisher of Advanced Textiles Source, featured our product ErgoSenz in an article titled, “Extraordinary Workwear.”

Traditionally, work wear, or personal protective equipment, has been used as a last or completely necessary resort in the hierarchy of controls, to limit the exposure a worker has to occupational hazards that occur in the workplace. Now, with new sensor technologies emerging in the market, the ability to identify hazards across a work site and intervene in a timely manner is allowing companies and health and safety teams to be more effective at mitigating those risks and preventing injuries before they occur.

ErgoSenz is an injury prevention system specifically designed for musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) that occur due to awkward postures, repetitive strain and overexertion. Using small, wireless, and wearable motion capture sensors, ErgoSenz provides health and safety professionals with easy to understand MSD risk data which allows them to identify risks and intervene in a timely manner before an injury occurs. Professionals are able to prioritize risk mitigation strategies for workers, teams, and work sites globally, expedite investigations by effectively reconstructing injuries, and shift the focus of health and safety away from reaction and averages, to being more preventative and personalized.

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