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Introducing ErgoSenz

Everyday, men and women of the industrial workforce suffer painful, and unfortunately, almost entirely preventable injuries while on the job. These musculoskeletal disorders represent 33% of all injuries in the workplace and is the prominent reason for worker absenteeism. These injuries cost US companies over $40 billion every year and unfortunately injury rates and the costs associated with these injuries are not decreasing.

But what if we could change this?


Our goal at LifeBooster is to eliminate these preventable workplace injuries and keep the industrial athlete safe.


To achieve this, we have developed the ErgoSenz system — a set of wearable wireless sensors combined with a cloud-based, risk analyzer that provides early indicators of musculoskeletal disorders. ErgoSenz continuously captures and analyzes improper lifting form, awkward postures, and repetitive motions of an entire workforce. Through simple insightful feedback and alerts, health and safety professionals have the ability to assess and mitigate risks in a timely manner. With ErgoSenz, companies are able to take a proactive approach to injury prevention in order to reduce the frequency and severity of these costly injuries.

Proactively quantify, identify, and

understand MSD risk factors to

prevent injuries before they occur

Benefit from a more productive & safer workforce

Quantify the effectiveness of and adherence to safety initiatives

Implement quantified and proactive risk management

Receive efficient and unbiased post-injury analysis

Reduce reportable and lost-time incidents

Lower operating costs and reduce insurance premiums

Begin preventable Injury planning & intervene before incidents occur

Different risk exposure should mean different equipment for employees and employers 

Despite best practices in ergonomics, musculoskeletal

disorders still remain the single largest type of injury.

The overall rate of these musculoskeletal injuries (msi) has not

decreased and in certain industries they are on the rise.


We need to work together to solve this problem.

It’s time to make a change.

Want to learn how you can make a difference in your workplace?



“LifeBooster’s ErgoSenz has the potential to be a game changer in musculoskeletal injury risk management. Identifying and tracking where and when hazards occur, on an ongoing basis, has value for seasoned professional ergonomists, safety officers, and individual employees who may be at risk.”

Dr. Dan Robinson, CCPE, PK - Robinson Ergonomics



“LifeBooster’s innovative product has the potential to significantly reduce the number of back injuries across multiple workplace demographics within Canada. I intend to use the product with all types of patients in my clinical practice as a treatment, education, and injury prevention tool.”

Drew Teskey, Physiotherapist at Ntegrated Health Group



“LifeBooster is developing an incredible solution for analyzing and preventing workplace risks using biomechanical data. Their product is able to track things such as awkward postures, repetitive motions, general activity and location.”

Kenny MacKenzie - Co-Founder and COO of Vandrico



“As LifeBooster’s EiR at Wavefront, I’ve been consistently impressed by their remarkable ability to apply considerable creativity to a problem, engage together and with others in a highly synergistic way, and deliver remarkable outcomes. I am confident that LifeBooster will add real value to the health and safety environment by providing meaningful preventive solutions to their industrial customers.”

David Christie, President, Christie Consulting Services


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