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The Future of Wearables in Occupational Health & Safety


LifeBooster provides a wearable, real-time injury prevention system that seamlessly integrates into a work environment. Our ErgoSenz™ system will effectively record and analyze ergonomic data in order to help companies predict and prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD), and personalize injury prevention plans. The system constantly scans and analyzes the upper-body motions of the entire workforce, and provides real-time alerts when high-risk movements or postures are performed.

Our offering will assist Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) professionals with site-specific risk assessments through highlighting areas in which most injuries occur, identifying actions that are deemed high risk, and recognizing job classifications that most commonly experience repetitive stress and MSD. This allows for a proactive approach to injury prevention specific to the unique needs of a company’s workforce and will decrease the frequency of injury overall.

When considering injury rehabilitation, it is important to acknowledge that the process is extremely intensive for both employers and injured workers, and to avoid injury entirely is the best solution. Through the use of trending data, an OH&S professional is able to create effective health and safety training exercises, as well as site-specific injury prevention plans. They are also able to test and audit the successes of their newly implemented programs.

The ErgoSenz™ system provides early identification of MSD risk factors to a degree of accuracy and at a speed previously impossible. It is our goal to prevent injuries from occurring on the job altogether.

Prevents Accidents

ErgoSenz™ offers the ability to prevent injuries in your workforce faster than ever before through identifying high-risk areas of MSD. While short visual inspections can often overlook areas of risk, LifeBooster uses a large amount of unbiased aggregated data to determine where the highest risk of injury is present, which job classifications experience this the most, and highlight the precautions and protocols that should be implemented to mitigate the likelihood of injury. The system provides real-time alerts when employee metrics reach levels of concern, such as an incorrect posture while heavy lifting or repetitive motion with potential for strain.

Reduces Operational Costs

The LifeBooster system will help companies reduce their insurance premiums and all-round costs associated with MSD, saving them thousands of dollars each year. With healthcare costs increasing at an exponential rate and the incredible costs associated with Lost Time Incidents, it is imperative to identify the root cause of these injuries to allow OH&S teams to take a proactive approach to injury prevention. This means that any money that would have previously been spent on recuperating injury costs can now be reallocated to strengthen the business in other areas.




Builds Safety Culture

It is important to build a community where workplace safety is paramount. The LifeBooster system allows OH&S teams to cater programs to their unique health and safety needs. It identifies trends and observes the impact of safety systems, and allows supervisors to make the necessary changes to company practices, therefore reducing the overall potential for injury occurrence. ErgoSenz™ eliminates the guesswork in awkward postures, joint angles, and repetitive motions. This offers the opportunity to train and educate more effectively, and workers are empowered to understand their body’s limitations and take action to improve their own biomechanical behaviour.



DrewStudeo55036 LifeBooster’s innovative product has the potential to significantly reduce the number of back injuries across multiple workplace demographics within Canada. I intend to use the product with all types of patients in my clinical practice as a treatment, education, and injury prevention tool.

Drew Teskey, BKin Hons, MPT

davidchristiephoto_580x390 As LifeBooster’s EiR at Wavefront, I’ve been consistently impressed by their remarkable ability to apply considerable creativity to a problem, engage together and with others in a highly synergistic way, and deliver remarkable outcomes. I am confident that LifeBooster will add real value to the health and safety environment by providing meaningful preventive solutions to their industrial customers.

David Christie, President, Christie Consulting Services

kenny vandricoLifeBooster is developing an incredible solution for analyzing and preventing workplace risks using biomechanical data. Their product is able to track things such as awkward postures, repetitive motions, general activity and location.

Kenny MacKenzie - Co-Founder and COO of Vandrico

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